Entergy PowerDrive

Development, Motion Design

Entergy, a power company serving a good portion of the United States was looking for a way to get its customers excited about electric vehicles.

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I. The Objective

Entergy wanted to find a way to get people to use more electricity to grow its business. It decided to invest in educating consumers about the benefits of electric cars. They would then consume more electricity and it would be better for the environment; a true win-win!

II. Motion Design

Because the site was such a large departure from their traditional branding, I thought it was a perfect candidate for using animations. At the time I was getting very interested in motion design and this was a great opportunity to stretch my legs and see what I could do.

I received static designed comps and breathed life into them, using the GSAP JavaScript animation framework to rig the animations.


III. Deep WordPress Integration

The site ended up having quite a lot of content, including a great deal of charts and graphs. In cases like that, it’s likely that content needs to be updated with some frequency and paying someone else to do it can become costly. I took great care when building to make sure each page could be edited in WordPress by the people who took over the site. Every page has a unique layout that required their own consideration.


The site launched to great reviews internally and to customers. It’s gone on to be a great piece to show people when I want to show them how using animation can help improve a site and make it pop.