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Design, Development & Strategy

When my Dad asked me to build a site for his small business, I took it as a challenge: How can I build the best possible site to convert potential customers for him?

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I. Background

This new site was actually replacing an older site that I built for him. That site had been a great help to his business, but it was also woefully outdated. It wasn’t even responsive. I decided to approach the site refresh with an idea: How can I build the best possible “brochure” style website?

Brochure sites are known for using poorly built ThemeForest themes, a million jQuery plugins and just being generally awful. I wanted to turn that on its head by building a site that got the job done in a way that was sleek and performant.


II. Speed

I love making sites as fast as possible, so this was a top priority for me. This was the first site I built where I used SVGs heavily, which reduced page sizes considerably. Another fun technical note: I realized that jQuery was unnecessary on the site and was taking up over 100kb, so I rewrote everything in native JavaScript.

Overall, I succeeded big time: Despite having quite a bit more content and graphics, the new site is the same size as the old one, with the homepage clocking in at only 650kb.


III. Conversion Focused Content Strategy

Usually when I work on a project, I am doing a portion of it. Maybe someone else did the design or an outline. On this one I actually played all roles, including creating the content. The pages guide users through a concise story of who Food Partners is and how it can potentially help their business. The site converts incredibly well.


IV. Search Engine Optimization

Food brokerages are a very niche market, but there is a demand for them and there is competition. I worked with my Dad to identify exactly the type of potential companies he wanted as customers and tailored the optimization of the site towards them.

As a result, when you google a key phrase like “food broker georgia”, Food Partners is the first result.


Almost all of my Dad’s new clients come from them finding his website and engaging with him. Before I built the site, he had to go find new clients himself which was very time consuming. It’s an incredibly valuable tool that allows him to focus on doing what he does best: representing his clients and managing his business.

Food sales is his passion. He’s told me often that he doesn’t ever want to retire. Through this process it has been awesome getting to know a different side of my Dad and using my skills to help him pursue his dream in life.