Daniel Immke

So why write a blog?

I want to share my knowledge and help others the way people helped me.

I’ve never been good at maintaining a “professional” profile on the web. It’s bitten me in the ass when I’ve really needed to show off work and didn’t have a good site to point people to. Historically, the problem has always been that I have trouble designing something that feels like it represents “me” and it never seems good enough.

I’ll start out and get discouraged and then decide I don’t really need a good portfolio anyways and give up or throw up something quick. This year I set out to break that pattern, and I’m really happy to have done so. It was a several month long journey of self doubt and testing my determination, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a personal site I am really happy with.

When I was outlining the content I wanted for the site, I knew that I wanted a blog. I’ve been reading other people’s blog posts since I started using the internet. I’ve learned great web development techniques from them but also I’ve really appreciated getting to know other people through their blog posts. I want to be able to share thoughts and ideas with a larger audience. Also, writing seems to help me organize my thoughts.

It’s my hope that in a small way I can contribute to the web development community and add my knowledge to what else is out there. I’ve benefited from countless other people doing the same thing over the years.

So now I have a blog. It’s going to be a mix of personal entries and web development items. For now, it’s my goal to write one post a month. That will probably slip but hey, it’s worth trying to maintain for a while right?

Hey — My name is Daniel Immke. I’m a designer & developer currently building Pickwick.

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